How to know what saddle size to choose ?

It is often difficult to choose the size of the saddle that corresponds correctly to its horse. In addition, you can not bring the animal with you when you make the purchase. Effective techniques must be adopted to avoid mistakes and to avoid unnecessary expense with equipment that does not suit the horse or its use. Here are some tips you can follow if you are considering buying a saddle for your pony or horse.

Knowing your pet

First, you should know your pet well. By these words, you should know his size and the dimensions of his back especially. This information will allow you to choose the size of the saddles. You should also know the attitude of your horse. That said, if it is rather turbulent and difficult to control, it is better to choose a saddle equipped with other safety elements. On the other hand if it is docile and not stubborn, you will not need other things. You should also know that the saddles are for its comfort. If it has soft hair, it is better to choose a saddle of good size with soft materials not to hurt its skin. You should also do the same for other equipment like stirrups.

A good saddle for the rider

Do not forget that the saddle, you will also use it. In this case, the size must match yours. If you had a particular rider for races for example, you should consider the size of the rider when buying the horse saddle. As for the material of these saddles, several parameters come into play: your comfort and that of your pet, your budget, your desires, aesthetics, taste etc. In general, leather saddles are passed everywhere. They are sturdy and flexible. They can adapt to any type of use. You will not need to buy one each time. This solution is therefore not only affordable but also practical and effective. In any case, please note that the size of the saddle counts more than the other details.